Minex Europe 2015

17 - 18 November 2015

ERM is proud to be an Intellectual Partner at the first European Mining and Exploration Forum - Masterminding a Mining Revival in Europe

After years of under-investment in Europe, the EU and other European countries are starting to recognise the opportunities gained from exploiting natural resources closer to home.

MINEX Europe Forum is a pan-European technical and investment conference focused on promoting mineral exploration and mining across the continent, from the Nordic countries and Iceland through Turkey and the Balkans.

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ERM at the Conference

As Intellectual Partner, ERM will be attending this event and will be leading the following panel discussion:

Day 1, 17 November, 14:00 - 15:00, Session 3
License to operate in Europe - defining criteria of good mining practices
(Olympia Mancini 2)
Discussion - Responsible mining in Europe - costs vs profits

In this discussion we will be asking the following:

  • How important is Social Licence to Operate (SLO) to exploring and operating successfully in Europe?
  • How do practices compare toother mining jurisdictions?
  • How well is the SLO understood by companies, officials and communities? 
  • Managing relationships with NGOs in the European mining context.
  • Responsible mining in Europe- new Corporate Social Responsibility targets.
  • Securing SLO through creating shared value.
  • Importance of SLO for securing funding of mining projects. 
  • Efficiently meeting the (sometimes different) requirements of European legislation and Lender standards.
  • Can new mining techniques that reduce social and environmental impacts of mining help secure SLO?

Session Chair: Philippa Spence, Partner, ERM

Philippa provides specialist advice on Sustainable Development, Corporate Responsibility and Social Performance. She specifically focuses on the management of social impacts such as resettlement, human rights, influx and impacts to livelihood. A social anthropologist by training, she has worked in the extractive industries for seventeen years in a range of countries including the UK, Serbia, Sweden, Romania, USA, Iran, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa.


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