PDAC 2014

02 March 2014

ERM: Saving Time & Money through Proactive HSEC Management

ERM participated in the Prospectors & Development Association of Canada’s (PDAC), International Convention, Trade Show, and Investors Exchange in Toronto, Canada.

Today, PDAC is the world’s leading mineral exploration conference. Taking root in 1932, the convention now boasts over 30,150 attendees from 126 countries and over 1,000 exhibitors. Over these four days, delegates had the opportunity to attend a variety of technical sessions, short courses and networking events.

ERM had an engaged role at PDAC 2014 with the overarching message of saving time and money through the proactive management of Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC). Components of this theme were discussed in ERM's activities at the conference, which included:

  • Exhibiting at booth #1133
  • Hosting a panel titled ‘Balancing Performance in Uncertain Times: The Relationship between Capital Markets and Environmental & Social Risk’ as part of PDAC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Series
  • Speaking at the Technical Session: ‘South Africa: An anniversary, new challenges and opportunities’
  • Presenting as part of two short courses:
    • 'Health and Safety in Mineral Exploration’ Short Course
    • 'Developing a Cash Flow’ Short Course
  • Hosting a client cocktail reception in downtown Toronto

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Why did ERM Participate at PDAC 2014?

The Mining Sector is a key focus for ERM. Having served the Mining and Metals industry for over 40 years, we help our clients evaluate and establish new sites across the globe while also improving the efficiency and safety of existing operations. We support our clients with the breadth of our service offerings and work with them to minimize risk by developing and implementing safety training and EHS compliance assurance programs.

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ERM at PDAC 2014

Exhibiting at PDAC
Sunday, March 2 to Wednesday, March 5

ERM exhibited at booth #1133 throughout the week. With many of our global mining sector representatives at PDAC, we were able to provide an in-depth understanding of our services to delegates looking to find out more about ERM.

Short Course Health and Safety in Mineral Exploration
Friday, February 28, 2014 8:30 – 4:30pm

Buck Page, Health & Safety Lead for ERM’s Canadian Division, was one of four presenters helping to inform small and large-companies how to kick start a health and safety (H&S) program at their company, or if one already existed, helping them to identify what the company program is attempting to achieve. Moreover, some specific technicalities of risks around drilling and helicopters will also be discussed. The course was targeted at those active in mineral exploration in the field, though management aspects of H&S was also covered.

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Short Course: Developing a cash flow - Best practices converting a mineral resource into a mineral reserve
Sunday, March 2

Money doesn’t make the world go around, profit does. Cash flow analysis estimates profit and ultimately underpins all development decisions. Without a positive cash flow analysis, mineral reserves do not exist. It is what distinguishes a mineral reserve from a mineral resource and therefore provides a natural footing to discuss the process of converting one to the other. This course was targeted to management, geologists, engineers, and informed investors.

The interactive course covered components of a mining project cash flow, working with the inputs and discussing best practices along the way.

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PDAC CSR Event Series hosted by ERM: Balancing Performance in Uncertain Times: The Relationship between Capital Markets and Environmental & Social Risks
Sunday, March 2, 1:00 – 2:30 pm

This session brought senior mining and financial industry representatives together to discuss how effective environmental and social management translates into key finance decisions, whether the capital comes from bank loans, the equity market, or cash from existing operations. ERM’s panel introduced the factors currently affecting the capital market climate, and then moved into a discussion on practical ways juniors and majors alike can make a water-tight case for additional funds if they wish to acquire, expand and/or optimize new or current assets.

Industry clients such as the International Finance Corporation, Rio Tinto, Great Quest Minerals and ERM spoke on the following:

  • How the financial markets view environmental and social performance during times of austerity
  • How mining companies of various sizes are facing the challenges of accessing capital while maintaining environmental and social performance
  • Why there is a compelling business case for effective environmental and social management, and how the effective management of environmental and social risks can assist in accessing capital

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Technical Session South Africa: An anniversary, new challenges and opportunities
Wednesday, March 5, 10:50 AM, Room 713

Time for change: Five systemic challenges facing mining in South Africa – Presented by Sue Posnik
This session dealt with critical issues that the industry faced on a daily basis. Relevant challenges within the context of the mine lifecycle (from exploration through to closure) were discussed, and five systemic issues that ERM has observed in this sector were analyzed. These issues were examined considering a backdrop of South African policies and legislation, alongside illustrating the challenges and opportunities that companies must manage.

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ERM Contacts

For further information on ERM’s participation at PDAC 2014, please contact:

Louise Pearce
Managing Partner, Mining, The Americas
Navita Khokha
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

PDAC 2014: Highlights from ERM

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ERM Speakers

David McArthur

Mr. David McArthur is ERM’s CEO for the America’s Region. Mr. McArthur will present the opening remarks at ERM’s CSR Panel ‘Balancing Performance in Uncertain Times: The Relationship between Capital Markets and Environmental & Social Risks’

Caleb Wall


Dr. Caleb Wall is a Partner with ERM based in Calgary, where he leads our Canadian Impact Assessment & Planning Practice. He will be a panel member of the CSR Series Panel ‘Balancing Performance in Uncertain Times: The Relationship between Capital Markets and Environmental & Social Risks’

 Erin Prelypchan

Ms. Erin Prelypchan is an Impact Assessment & Planning Consultant with ERM in Vancouver, with a primary sector focus on mining and heavy industry. Ms. Prelypchan will be moderating the CSR Series Panel ‘Balancing Performance in Uncertain Times: The Relationship between Capital Markets and Environmental & Social Risks’

Sue Posnik

Ms. Sue Posnik is ERM’s Managing Partner for Mining, in Europe & Africa. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Ms. Posnik will be a panel member on ‘South Africa: An Anniversary, New Challenges and Opportunities’ and speak specifically on five systemic challenges facing mining in South Africa.

 Buck Page

Mr. Buck Page is the ERM Canada’s Health & Safety Leader. Based out of Vancouver, Mr. Page will present as part of the ‘Health and Safety in Mineral Exploration Short Course’ Short Course.

Derek Chubb

Mr. Derek Chubb is a Partner with ERM based in Toronto. Mr. Chubb will present on the topic of Environmental Permitting as part of the ‘Developing a cash flow: Best practices converting a mineral resource into a mineral reserve’ Short Course