Port Finance International Amsterdam 2015: Unlocking the Bottlenecks in Africa's Ports

8 & 9 October 2015

ERM is proud to be the Sustainability Sponsor at the Port Finance International Amsterdam conference on 8 & 9 October 2015, which will be held in association with the Port of Amsterdam International and the NABC (Netherlands-African Business Council).

It will address current issues and challenges in port and related infrastructure capacities, user and investor expectations and how the African region as a whole is gearing up to attract more international investments.

ERM’s Insights

For the third year running, ERM’s Alec Martin will be presenting at this year’s conference. He will be discussing the environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks associated with port project financing.

Day 2: 9 October 2015, 10.20am
Environmental, Social and Governance Risk in Port Project Finance
Alec Martin, Principal Consultant, ERM

Alec’s presentation will review selected ESG risks in the development, operation and finance of port projects in Africa through the lens of the recent ‘Go Green’ port sector initiative launched by a group of leading port developers. It will examine key challenges and solutions for African port development with respect to the ‘Go Green’ themes (re-use and recycling, climate change and communities) based on ERM’s recent experience of port developments on the African continent and beyond. Alec will discuss how the response to the ‘Go Green’ themes might play out for different project stakeholders such as developers, financiers of specific projects, or portfolio level investors. 

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