Addressing the needs of oil and gas multinationals at the 13th SPE Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

29 April 2010

ERM's participation in the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) International Conference on Health, Safety & Environment saw us presenting a wide range of papers and session chairing. Paper topics ranged from HSE in Acquisitions and Mergers to Crisis Management and Business Continuity; Session Chairing included debating some of the issues facing the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry and discussing some of the key challenges facing the industry in today's marketplace.

ERM's Trey Shaffer, Chairman of the SPE Gulf Coast Section Safety and Environment Study Group says: "The biennial SPE conference is considered the primary HSE conference in the world for Upstream Oil & Gas HSE practitioners.  ERM's active involvement in SPE reflects our expanding level of commitment in supporting our large O&G clients and demonstrates ERM's role in developing and implementing new and important tools, programs, and initiatives in the O&G sector." 

ERM participant Milene Almeida is based in our Brazil office. She adds: "ERM had a very strong presence at this year's conference, with more than a dozen representatives from Latin America, North America and Europe.  Our involvement was another important step in our journey toward establishing ERM as the leading Upstream O&G HSE consultancy in the world."

ERMers presented the following papers:

  • BRAT: A Tool for Assessing HSE/ISR in Acquisitions and Mergers  (co-authored by ERM's Linda Zwick & S.J. Kinn of Statoil) 
  • Health Impact Assessment: The Value of HIA in Integrated Environment, Social, and Health Impact Assessment (co-authored by ERM's Tania Barron, Steve Frangos of Chevron, & C. Dea of the University of Utah)
  • A Case Study: A new Tool for Faster and Continuous Stakeholder Analysis (co-authored by ERM's Arlindo Neto, Ana Carolina Mendes Gerheim, Elizabeth Penhalber, Milene Almeida, & E. Motta of Sphere TI)
  • Working with Stakeholders to Develop a Toolkit to Guide Planning and Implementation of Decommissioning and Closure Schemes in Resource-Rich Countries (co-authored by ERM's Romina Aramburu, A. D. Rawa of Millennium Challenge Corporation; E. Mayorga Alba and C. C. Sheldon of The World Bank; & F. D. Rodriguez of HSE-International LLC.)

ERMers Co-Chaired the following sessions:

  • Management Systems  (co-chaired by ERM's Giuseppe Filauro & Paul Krishna, ExxonMobil Corporate Environmental Programs Manager)
  • Drilling Waste, Other Wastes and Norms  (co-chaired by ERM's Fred Jones & John Veil or Argonne National Laboratory)
  • Crisis Management and Business Continuity—Transitioning From Reactive to Proactive  (co-chaired by ERM's Giuseppe Filauro & Ruth Hunicke of Chevron Global Upstream HES)

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