ERM's global participation in the International Coastal Cleanup

13 January 2010

ERM employees from North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe have once again braved the elements and volunteered their time to participate in the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup

The event gives people the opportunity to make a positive, tangible difference to their own local coastlines and public spaces.  It’s also a lot of fun.

ERM staff got involved in events included clearing rubbish from beaches and riverbanks at:

  • The Rockfeller Lagoon in Ohio, US
  • Cleaning a portion of Seal Watch Beach which is part of Jones Beach State Park on the South Shore of Long Island, US
  • Working with the National Parks in California
  • Removing rubbish along the Gulf of Mexico
  • Mundai Mudflats in Singapore
  • The Dameisha Coastal Area of China's Guangzhou region
  • The beaches on Hong Kong's south west island
  • Along the river banks in Ensenada City, Argentina
  • Pucusana Beach, Peru
  • Outside Monterrey and Mexico City, Mexico

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