Health, Safety & Risk Services

Managing health, safety and enterprise risk is a core responsibility for every organization.

With all three elements inextricably linked, a performance gap in any one area can have broad implications and negative impact to business outcomes.

Although health, safety and risk are often associated with preventing problems, they can also deliver tangible business benefits – such as lower costs and greater operational performance. Leading companies increasingly see health and safety performance as a leading indicator of overall operational performance – and a powerful vehicle for driving transformation.

To unlock these benefits, organizations need to be able to identify and address their health, safety and risk priorities across multiple disciplines and sites. ERM helps our clients to improve business and operational performance by embedding health, safety and risk management into corporate strategies, business practices, workplace cultures, and employee behaviors.

By taking advantage of our integrated approach and advanced solutions, clients can:

  • Increase employee engagement;
  • Inform decision-making;
  • Safeguard compliance;
  • Reduce risk and costs; and 
  • Drive continuous improvement in safety and operational performance.

Working with ERM enables companies to derive greater value from their spend on health, safety and risk management, protect people, assets, and the environment while also optimizing business performance.

From health and safety advisors and data analysts to behavioral scientists and trainers,
ERM has one of the broadest and most diverse teams in the industry. We help our clients leverage streamlined systems, robust data and insightful analytics to track performance, manage critical risks and identify future trends.

Our health, safety and risk management services are designed to address short-term issues and build long-term capabilities. They include:

Safety Services
Technical Risk Services
Learning & Development
Information Solutions
Management Systems & Compliance Support

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ERM offers a range of services designed to address short-term issues and build long-term capabilities including:

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